Bobby's Backyard Wiffle Ball Tournament

was created to have a fun way to raise money to help my community feed hungry children. It is an annual event, held the first Saturday in August, in which teams gather for friendly games of backyard wiffle ball. It is wonderful to have the nostalgic reminder of our childhood days, but it's even more wonderful to help ensure that the children have food to eat. There are public programs that feed kids while they are IN school..but what do they do on the weekends while they are away from school?

Well...the Backpack Program, that this tournament helps the ANSWER. Through the program, kids are given a backpack of food to take home for the weekends. These are filled with healthy foods that they can share with someone and that they can prepare for themselves. I really believe in this program and I am glad to get communities together for a little fun and raise money to support such a worthy cause.

--Bobby Ryals